Sunday, October 9, 2016

Patient Heart Working Hard

Merry Meet,

          I am so sorry that I have not been around to chat with…as we spoke of many things have been going on…I got sweet tea on the counter, grab you a cup with some ice…it is hard to believe we are already in October – where did the year go??? Sit, relax and I fill you in…

    American Boudica has been hard at work while on hiatus…Chris has been helping special moments happen at Grimm and Co…Rose has been bringing her beautiful jewelry to different shows across England…as we are returning and working on the new children’s book, it reminds me of how lucky I am to work with such a group…filing my business paperwork this year, I noted we were now 11 years in this company…though a few have come and gone, Chris and I have been a partnership for over 11 years…I feel really blessed

      Nature’s Power and Energy has been keeping pace…Chris and Alex got a lot done in my absence…we now have a new examiner on the HydroQueen…Project Phoenix is coming along…still working on the 3D Printer…met with Rob to go over strategy, it was hard to believe it has been five years since we opened…Life is good

  D’s Detail has been busy…the new tents are working out really well…it is the beginning of car show season and Walter has been staying busy…two years and going strong in this enterprise…he has a special running a $50 detail that takes around 4 hours…it is nice to hear from so many happy customers

 The Hypathian Consortium and Link Master International have been forming almost in an organic fashion…I will keep you posted…Rooney Productions is looking for a camera person…Girly Pirate Lunch Box is still looking for space…Saoirse Vacations is busy planning the 2017 Trip to Maine…

          In the Circle of Boudica we had a beautiful Mabon and are excited for the upcoming Samhain…I am planning a feast and bonfire…even after all this time it is one of my favorite holidays…will you be joining us?????

   The Sunshine Paddle has been working on Land…like any good Girly Pirate, I felt the need for treasure…off to Georgia Mountains we went…the Crisson Gold Mine was so much fun and informative…we found a few nuggets and several gems…this was an amazing area, rich in history and full of really nice people…putting together paperwork on the donation drop reminded me that we had been helping people for over 7 years…

          In school the comprehensive exam ate me up and spit me out but, I passed…I am now working hard on my dissertation and focused on my graduation…this by itself is not easy and adding life on to it – well at times it seems almost insurmountable…take a deep breath…take it one step at a time…I can do this…I will soon be a Doctor

          The yard is drying from hurricane Matthew…my banana trees were blown to the ground, they look so sad…though we were not in direct path we got many outer squalls…the pool has been down for almost a month and the yard looks naked…Dad and Walter are working on the front fence for Dad’s Yard…this should be interesting…I am waking early and doing the best I can each day, it is all anyone can do… As you can see it has been a time of moving forward and change…possibility and opportunities lay ahead…with Deanna Packer running the Northern office we have opened those opportunities to the coastline…really feeling blessed…

          I hope to see you at the bonfire…I have been blessed with friends and family this year and have much to be thankful for…we need to make more time to get together…I miss your face and want to see you more…

Blessed Be,
Captain D



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  1. everything's coming together like a tornado - oops, not sure about that metaphor - could be world domination in a year or two. Take care everyone and have a good Samhain