Saturday, June 25, 2016

Head Down, just keep paddling…


Hello and Good Day to you,

            Here, sit and let me pour you a coffee…sorry about the early meeting but, I am so swamped right now…there are a few goals in sight so, I am running at the finish line…it has been a challenge…I am happy you could make time for me…

    American Boudica is in heavy production at the moment…we are looking for interns and this position is open Globally…if you are interested please message resumes through facebook…we are looking for writers, web design…Florida position for video production…these can turn into staff positions…more news to follow

     Nature’sPower and Energy is working…still no word on the patent…I am looking for tubing that I do not think exists yet…well, should I say that is my next patent…it feels like it…how do I look at Alex and say ‘you know’…and have him not kill me…lots of laughs…we are looking for an affordable 3d printer for project bluebird…
D's Detail is under reconstruction at the cover for the cars is under construction...thank you for can always join us in twitter...

      Girly Pirate Lunch Box, Walking with Pirate Tours, American Boudica Productions and the Vacation Project are on hold at the moment…the end of my schooling is in sight…though these projects are still moving forward, it will be the focus of those helping me…my focus must turn to my dissertation…

            School has taken most of my focus as of late…the class has been Global Supply Chain Management…very much worth taking…this has been split with work on my dissertation…my meeting in Lauderdale went well…I am getting to the point I speak strategy in my sleep…I have residency 3 coming up in West Palm Beach…next to pushing a baby out, this is the toughest thing I have ever done….let’s hope I am as happy at the end (lots of laughs)

     The Sunshine Paddle is really awesome…another very successful paddle…it is an amazing thing to know because we are here- children and old people have food along with ‘at risk’ families getting aid…it is really a blessing…we were able to Paddle in the 2016 Florida Cup…constant practice to keep up the muscles…soon I will be in Massachusetts to paddle a friend around the Norton Reservoir…any info or maps would be appreciated….

     I love working for Dominos…more than that I love our general manager…she is really a sweet woman…Zephyrhills in the summer is a fun place…as my focus has been in working on my dissertation, this is the only job I have been doing…really at the moment it is all I can handle…

     The gardens and family have both kept me running…the flowers all over the yard have been blooming…Cooper and Helmat have been about living in the pool…we are now a gopher tortoise habitat, currently there are between 3-5 here on any given day…still looking for a vanilla bean orchid and trying to choose for the chickens I will get in August…well, I must go…I will make time again soon…

Blessed be,




  1. Looks like all systems go, keep up the good work !!

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