Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feeling A Bit Ornery

Hey Honey,

How are you? I know I promised to slow down in May- I just have goals I need to reach and it will have me working crazy for a while…it means a lot to me that you understand

AmericanBoudica Publishing is about to grow…our fourth book in the Boudica Series will be out in about 2 weeks on kindle…we are also getting ready to come out with another children’s book…Chris and I have both enjoyed summer as time to share our talents with a few friends…it has been inspiring to see all the work being done

Nature’s Power and Energy has been hugely busy…we have wrapped up phase one of testing (this had me kind of sad) and phase two will start sometime in August (this has me really excited)…we are getting new equipment- it is coming from all over and is due in from now until the start of August…YEA…the hard part has been to find someone to build exactly what we need…this takes time…I feel like the horse kicking at the stall walls…innovation or being an innovator is a bitch…lol

I know you think I have lost it, but I am opening another company…Girly Pirate snack vehicles will soon be operational around Pasco County…I am running through permitting and licensing now…I feel this will be a good add to my marketing mix…I promise to explain more soon….let me get more of it put together and I swear to fill you

Keiser Graduate School is challenging  and really put one’s brain in a blender…lol…currently the class is Marketing Management...the group I am in with are really deep thinkers, I feel privileged to be learning with them…I spoke to my counselor from Student Services at Everglades who suggested I put together a site to showcase my talents- is what I put together…what do you think???? It took me a few weeks to put together...

In the Circle we are ready to welcome Litha on the 21st…yellow, green and blue candles will be lit around the pool…it is a time to be thankful and relax…I will be having a potluck pool party...please let me know if you wish to attend…I am planning for fun
The Sunshine Paddle has begun updating the website…we are getting ready for next year’s run on the coast of Pasco County Florida…we are putting together framework for the 2015 on the Coast of Pasco and 2016 run on the east coast of the United States…it is a hive of activity…though I have been to Hudson twice to practice, my camera has been not working and I need to get a new one or find someone to fix this one…

Mom is letting me use her Galaxy Tablet so when I serve residency I will have a way to stay in touch…the Pasco Economic Development Center, SCORE and Small Business Development Center have set me up with a mentor and grant writer…hit the ground running- more like mock 2 with my hair on fire…I am putting in for grants and funding- for more than one country

My brother will soon have back surgery and Dad is up helping him…the yard has been my job this summer…it does not look like when he does it, but mostly it has survived…yes, I am aware it is need of weeding…I just do not have 5 extra minutes and am doing what I can…Walter likes his new job…mom has been quilting and watching ‘Ellen’…at times she really cracks me up

As we watch the breakdown of the family unit- we are watching society crumble…how can one stop it…the answer is simple…the family unit can be fixed…stop worrying about gay or straight…with the number of orphans- we are looking for good couples and or good people…a parental unit is two people…spanking s child is NOT beating- it is discipline…rules and teaching basic ethics starts at home…children are children, parents make the money thereby make the rules and need to keep children in line- unless that child is getting HURT my advice is to stay out of it and let parents be parents…people used to tell me I was strict when I raised my children...ALL 32 children alive have been to college and live on their own…though we have been through hell and back- I love all of my kids and have helped when asked, have to admit that does not happen often…those that have children ,have been good with them…awesome kids are more than a blessing, they are hard work…they use their brain before weapons…if you work with children, please focus on those you are charged with and not your phone or tablet…it is what you get paid to do…most of the recent gunman were young- ‘he felt he was neglected by so and so’ is what the news says…so is your problem really the gun or the kid who felt so alone, he needed to pick it up…just saying

May we get time to hang out soon:)

Blessed Be,


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