Monday, April 15, 2013

In a Liquid State of Mind

Hail and Good Day to You,

I am happy you have made time to stop and hang out…life has been busy, but good…I am sorry for not having time to stop sooner…let me fill you in on all that is happening...

Though I do love massage as we have spoke of previously, I will be shutting down…I feel at this time it is the right thing to do…Dale and I have started to close files…this has been hard- you see, I remember every massage I have ever given and these records touch that nerve…it leaves me sad, but looking ahead to what will come next…

Okay Rotherham Town Counsel…how freakin hard could it be to get phones up in an area that has bloody well been without for more than 3 months…it is not rocket science it is getting utilities running…Chris and I are trying to get work done, but his phones and internet have been down for quite some time…we are working on Book 3 and Chris is teaching me a new photo program, but as you can tell it is not going easy

School is way cool…I was so happy to go to the Boca Campus…it was huge and beautiful…it has been magical, all of the work was worth it- this was a dream I never thought I had a shot at…still working toward my master’s degree…Dreams can come true- just work for it…

I have applied for my teaching certification…it is my intention to get on at the children’s jail or may teach online…regular and focused…this will give me the ability to attain my other goals…fingers crossed

Nature’s Power and Energy has been busy with admin work- taxes are in, minutes to the yearly meeting have been entered…we have restructured to streamlined to work with a manufacturer…this should be a win for the county on several levels…the patent should be in by the end of the moth…cool baby
In the Circle of Boudica, we are excited as Beltane is close…I will have a fire this year…I am so excited…I plan on a BBQ type feast…I am trying to locate chairs and tables…please inbox me if you will be attending…

The Sunshine Paddle 2014 countdown has begun…workouts and menu in place…we just completed the Sun Ray Paddle…Samantha joined me…this was her first distance paddle…we made it just over 7 miles in 4 hours before her arms gave out…I was very proud of her…her determination was quite impressive…we got to meet 2 different dolphin pods…we saw sea turtles…AWESOME paddle...I can hardly wait until Taylor is done putting together the video:)

The flowers have been of deep hue this year…it must be due to the VERY mild winter we have been having…Dad has been running around keeping up with them and it shows…he has done a good job


Blessed Be,


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