Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Holds Great Expectations


Merry Meet,

I am happy to see you my child…the New Year is bristling with new business and relationships…I am quite excited

I have been looking at buildings to use for massage…I would like an office outside of the house and am choosing to put a outbuilding on my property rather than paying someone else rent…this will be a tremendous venture, as I will make all of the designs and choices on this project…it will even have its own bathroom…I also will add hydrotherapy and make it wheelchair accessible…lots of planning and work…I will also need to take CEUs soon (continuing education credits)- will keep you posted…

American Boudica Publishing will not be back from Holiday until Jan 14…many new things going on…book 3 and 4 will be out soon…the TV show on Animal Planet will (we hope) air by spring…the ringtone has been recorded and is now being mixed in the studio- Chris’s granddaughters are amazing singers…Taylor had some friends record the music for us…I am blessed with such creative people around me…a busy New Year is off and running

School starts back Jan 7…it has been a nice break…I have an accounting class and a business management class…YEA…though these are not my favorite subjects, it is a chance to make me a better business person and that is always a good thing…Everglades University is an amazing place to learn

The Explorer’s Academy will reopen on March 1…I have had several people who are wanting to have many of their children attend…we will keep you posted
  Nature’s Power and Energy, LLC has been busy through the holiday…I have an appointment to meet with the grant committee on the 8th…writing the business plan was not easy…business cards should always be chosen carefully...mine should be here in just the nick of time…the prototype has gone through 4 incarnations…I am so impressed…it is very hard work

The Circle of Boudica has been a wonderful thing…we helped 9 families in 3 countries provide Santa for children- this is toys for the children and feast for the family…I am very proud that my congregation is so wonderful…I spent a week before Yule cleaning- all old energy was gotten rid of…on Yule we had a fabulous feast of ham, scalloped potatoes and corn with all the fixens…that night the bon fire burned bright…as I danced- I could feel the fresh new energy…too cool
Sunshine Paddle is on holiday until Jan 15…The Animal Planet show is based on what it takes to put the Sunshine Paddle together and all the Animals we interact with…The Sun Ray Paddle is currently being worked on…on the 6th I will be speaking at the Atonement Church after Sunday service,  the 10th of Jan…I will be on US19 from Holiday to Hudson talking to businesses about being in our ‘goodie bag’ for all entrants…I will be paddling the route to obtain pics and video…I should have these up in the next few weeks:) depending on weather…
All in all a good New Year has begun…it was good that you came to enjoy the fireworks…they were quite beautiful…saw many people having fun…a lot of old fashioned fun (horses, dirt bikes and swing sets) seemed to be in Santa’s sleigh and it was a joy to see them around the neighborhood…

Life is good!

Blessed Be,


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